Understanding markets and opportunities


In today’s globalised and competitive business landscape, businesses and investors can ill afford to make poor and uninformed decisions. 

We provide our clients with high-quality and bespoke, commercially-oriented intelligence, that improves the quality of decision making, mitigates risk, and enables change, transformation and business growth.

We specialise in gathering and co-ordinating hard to find and complex information, from different sources, and presenting it in a format that is relevant, concise and easy to understand.

Our expertise allows us to know what information to look for, where and how to find it, and what it means.

We provide bespoke commercial services across 4 areas: Market Intelligence, Search and Find Services, Research into Business and Investment Projects, and Content.




Our bespoke market intelligence provides our clients with a better understanding of markets, allowing them to make better strategic decisions, in a more timely manner. 

Our combination of market data, analysis and insights, helps organisations of all sizes to reduce risk and spot opportunities, in a constantly evolving business landscape.

Whether you’re looking to enter a new market, develop a new product, plan strategically for the future, make an acquisition or disposal, monitor competitors, or learn more about your own industry, our bespoke market intelligence ensures you get the information you need, in the right format, at the right time.

Our market intelligence covers (but isn’t limited to):

Market sizing and forecasts

Sector and geographic breakdowns


Growth/ decline areas

Trends, drivers and insights

Competitor analysis, market share, pricing and profitability

Market validation

Consumer behaviours and attitudes

Threats and opportunities

Search and find services


Our dynamic and flexible approach allows us to scour the globe for our clients, helping them to achieve their operational and commercial goals. 

On behalf of our clients, we search for more reliable suppliers, cheaper inputs, better locations, and new customers.


Our commercial acumen, global network and customer-centric focus, combine to make the world seem much smaller, enabling our clients to make new connections, establish new partnerships, and find new parts and items, that would not otherwise be possible.

Below are just some of the things that we can search for:



Intellectual property







Items/ parts


Research into Business and Investment Projects


Our bespoke and specific research not only facilitates the progress of business and investment projects, but also establishes operational and commercial viability, from the outset. 

The high-quality research that we provide reduces risk and uncertainty, and ultimately improves investment returns.

Whether it’s setting up a new venture, expanding into a new area, or investing in equipment or software, our bespoke research improves transparency and leads to better commercial outcomes.

Our research can cover (but isn’t limited to):

Initial and ongoing costs


Returns on investment & payback

Business cases and plans

Operations and logistics

Commercial viability



Our Market Intelligence & Search and Find Services, provide further support to our research..



At GCIS, we pride ourselves in our ability to produce high-quality written content, with a focus on the fields of business, economics, investment and financial markets.

We’re able to produce content for company blogs and newsletters, on the one hand, and publications and magazines, on the other.

Our blog content is designed to demonstrate expertise, capability, professionalism and credibility, whilst also engaging readers and attracting them to the website. A well written blog is a powerful marketing tool. Our content is designed with your customers and your company in mind.

Our content for publications and magazines is less focused on demonstrating capability, and more focused on entertaining, engaging and interesting readers, with articles relating to the very latest business news, technologies and trends. We are not ashamed to say that our content will improve the quality of your publication.

Take a look at our own blog, for an idea of the kind of material that we produce.